Performances (selected)







Alienationist Live-Music-Performance
[05/2023 Arkaoda, Berlin]
Release-Launch-Concert of „Don’t Worry, You Can Always Be Reborn As a Screenshot“ with which Alienationis explores alienation merging bass-driven club music, spoken word, queer theory and live improv.  LINK




Alienationist Installation & Live-Performance CTM Festival Vorspiel 2023
[01/2023 Centrum Art Space, Berlin]
Don’t Worry, You Can Always Be Reborn As a Screenshot explores alienation with a sonic essay merging music, sonic fiction, poetry, and spoken word. An  anonymous You that is unable to say „I“ lives in a parallel world called „Zero One Galaxy“ (ZOG), a pre-recorded universe whose recording device is itself. The installation entails short sound-and-word vignettes informed by an affect of alienation.

curated by Rachel Monosov & Jorgina Stamogianni




Alienationist Musik- & Spoken Word-Performance
[04/2022 Walcheturm, Zürich]
Life is like: Short abrupt scenes and then something happens. Later you wonder how quickly time goes by. The scenes are controlled by plots that make you think that your music taste or your place of birth does belong to you. But they are loans from the general, and at some point, when you are too old, too tired, or too sick, you will have to give them back. LINK



Alienationist Hybride Musik-Performance „not to be a single being“
[09/2021 Klangmoorschopfe Festival, Gais mit u.a. Alva Noto, Rie Nakajima & Ryoichi Kurokawa]
Ginge es nach deinen Eltern, wärst du wie etwas geworden. Nicht einfach: etwas. Jetzt hoffst du jeden Tag auf das Gegenteil und kämpfst mit der stummen Masse, die du mit dir herumschleppst. LINK



Soundtrack performance-based-video „Liminal“ by Rachel Monosov
[02-04/2021 Villa Massimo, Rom & 12/2021 Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin ]
Inside this Liminal phase, we can change our identities and our
governments. We exist in between the life we lived before and the life
we will live after…whenever after comes.  LINK

Concept & Choreography: Rachel Monosov
Co-Choreography & performers: Rachell Bo Clark, Stephanie Amurao Music & Libretto : Philipp Rhensius
Composer: Santa Bušs
Singer: Julia Shelkovskaia
Camera: Andrea Arnone
Video Editor: Vera Rosa Maria Herr




Alienationist Music & Sound Performance

[08/2020 Kunstpavillon, München
A sound & music intervention commenting on the chauvinist sweeping attacks by means of Spoken Word, visceral sounds and bassheavy sounds, attempting to create new counterplots that deal with the radical diversity of
our realities, speculations and fears.




Site-Specific Concert with INRA
[08/2019 Dual Sessions, St. Georgen] LINK


Soundtrack Performance „Olympia“ by Rachel Monosov
[12/2019 Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rom] LINK



Live-Concert with INRA

[06/2017 Supynes Festival, Lithuania] LINK




Soundtrack Performance
„Transcultural Protocol“
by Rachel Monosov & Admire Kamudzengerere
[05/2017 Venice Biennale, Zimbabwe Pavillon] LINK

Releases „Rewind The Century“
[11/2022 Digital] US debut based on a sonic fiction: „You will have walked down the street, passing a police siren, the white noise of the streetcar, eyes blurred, mind focused… and then: a déjà-entendu…“ LINK

Music: Philipp Rhensius aka Alienationist
Mastering: JD at White Peach
Artwork: Omar El-Sadek
Label: Miracle Drug Recordings


Alienationist – „Don’t Worry, You Can Always Be Reborn As a Screenshot“
[08/2022 Digital & Book of Poems]
Debut album by Alienationist that xplores the ordinary with psychogeographic journeys, poetry, and sonic fiction. LINK

Music: Philipp Rhensius aka Alienationist
Mastering: Nicolas Castelli
Artwork: Broshuda

Selected Press
„woozy, dubbed out swirl of deconstructed club ambiences, churning jungle beats and haunted timeslips“ [Leah Kardos, The Wire]
„In den 80ern hätte es „Don’t Worry, Be Happy“ geheißen und schon damals hatte Mark E. Smith davon gesungen, wie der Heilige Geist auf dem Computerbildschirm erscheint“ [Robert Miessner, taz]



Alienationist – Audio Essays
[10/2021 Digital
12 short experimental audio essays produced during the
Klangmoorschopfe Festival, which refer to the sound installations while
going beyond them with interviews as well as his own musical
compositions, texts, and field recordings.

Music & Sounds: Alienationist
Sound Installations and Voices by various artists
Label: Norient




aphtc – „Ground Poetics“
[11/2020 Vinyl 12″ & Digital
4-track remix EP by aphtc, featuring remixes by NYC based producer Kellen303, Berlin’s bass innovator Orson. Limited edition. LINK

Music: Kellen303,, Orson, CRΞSC
Mastering: Mike Grinser (Manmade Mastering)
Artwork: Laura Mascarenhas
Label: Arcane Patterns


INRA – „I Super Liked You By Mistake“
[09/2020 Tape & Digital
A weird alchemic mix of hyper-real guitar drones, sharp breakbeats, poetry and spoken word, and visceral sound that is driven by heavy bass. The last days of capitalist realism as one knew it. LINK 

Music: INRA [Philipp Rhensius & Adam Ben-Nun]
Mastering: Aviv Stern


Selected Press
„a cross with glimpses of Throbbing Gristle’s industrial music, Anne Clark’s poetry and synth pop, the minimalist dub of The Bug.“ [Loop Magazine]
„an aura of mystery through poetry & spoken word“ [A Closer Listen Magazine]

aphtc – „Rewind the Subject“
[09/2019 Vinyl 12″ & Digital
Anxious roller sitting at 130bpm, modulated subs and panicked percussion, distorted think-breaks among a frenzy of razor-sharp stabs. LINK

Music: aphtc
Mastering: Mike Grinser (Manmade Mastering)
Artwork: Gramrcy
Label: Arcane Patterns

Selected Press
„tightly crafted roller with gripping bass and percussion“ (DJ Mag)
„becoming none is that ganja/narco dread shit that makes me skank” (Nevan Jio, DDR)


aphtc – „Ground Poetics“
[11/2018 Vinyl 12″ & Digital
Two-track 12″ of aphtc – „When Grounds Shift“ in full artwork sleeve: a visceral trip into a sonic fiction, in which things are out of balance. LINK

Music: aphtc
Mastering: Mike Grinser (Manmade Mastering)
Artwork: Toni Brell & Anna Bierler
Label: Arcane Patterns

Selected Press
„Wicked breakbeat abstraction“ (Resident Advisor)
„Antithesis to hot summer nights“ (DJ Mag)



INRA – “The Content Consuming Its Form” 
[10/2018 Digital & Book
Combining sardonic poetry, poly sexual rhythms and visceral drones, INRA follows the idea of alienation both as a threat and emancipation. LINK

Music: INRA [Adam Ben-Nun and Philipp Rhensius]
Artwork: Marat Beltser
Mastering: Sintenne
Label: Pinkbox Teleport