Sound Installation „P+“ & Lecture

The sound installation „P+“ was premiered at Bring In Weight – Critique On Populism “ in Berlin, December 2019.

About: The sound installation connects sardonic poetry with visceral sound experiments. The sonic fiction, set in a parallel world, tells the story of the recently discovered “P+” virus, which primarily attacks human organisms in order to infiltrate their thinking patterns. One day, a clandestine group finds an antidote which can only be absorbed through the ear…

Sound & Text & Music: Alienationist aka Philipp Rhensius
Speakers: Mai Harper & André Baum

„Attention please: Humanity has always oscillated between two poles: God and crocodile. Between: we know the moon, but not our neighbors. We do not belong to anything, but we are wearing jute bags with motto prints that simulate a tribal belonging. We all have different newsfeeds, but the same thoughts.“

The installation is also available as audio essay. Click here.

Lecture: The term populism is on everyone’s lips. This makes it already suspicious. On the one hand, the proportion of populist parties have risen across Europe; on the other hand, people use populist strategies in private spheres. Doesn’t every single “like” also always exclude others? In his lecture, Rhensius approaches his own biography to analyze the genesis of binary thinking and the supposed connection between pop-culture and populism.