Soundtrack for „Petra“

Composition and production of the soundtrack for the solo dance performance „Petra“ by Berit Einemo Frøysland at Dock 11, Berlin (7.-9.2.2020)

Petra is a solo dance piece on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant (1972). The film is a triangle melodrama about a successful fashion designer’s tragic love affair with her younger model and protégée, Karin, under the constant observation of her dutiful and servile assistant, Marlene. The solo deals with the nar­ rative of the figure of Petra von Kant: a peculiar and complex personage from the Fassbinder universe, formed through the embodiment of poses and gestures from Hollywood stars, Greek nymphs and fashion models — »deine Figur ist dein Kapital« Petra advises Karin — filtered through film history’s male gaze as well as the director’s queer­leaning lens.

Performance / Choreography/ Production: Berit Einemo Frøysland
Sound & Music: Philipp Rhensius
Costumes: Belle Santos
Dramaturgical Consulting: Anna Leon